A little about me, some about you, and a nice picture of a bridge

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I get it. Running your own business is hard.

It’s hard when it’s just you, all alone, working 24/7, trying to get somewhere.

And it doesn’t always get easier when you finally find yourself at the helm of a multi-million dollar company with oceans of employees, piles of middle management teams, and all the customers you can handle.

As a business owner, you’re set apart from the rest of the company. Stereotypes, conjectures, and speculations swirl around you like the outer bands of a hurricane.

You are supposed to know all there is about your industry.

You are responsible for all the people under you.

You are the bridge between your company and your customers.

You have to keep tabs on thousands of different areas all at the same time. Your management team pokes their head into your office to let you know about the new tool, the new method, the new next greatest thing and you have to make a decision.

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Robert’s Rules of Order, is that even still a thing?

But none of that matters because you’re the boss, you have money, freedom, and status. Yeah, right.

Truth be told, you’re busier now than ever. You sacrifice a ton for the company that keeps your people employed. And you still sometimes feel like you’re falling behind.

I know.

I feel ya.

I’ve worked everything from single-entity start-ups to multi-million dollar companies with over 700 employees.

I’ve worked retail, clerical, production, management, Board of Directors, IT, web design, advertising.​

Honestly, I know.

I’m not unique, but I am innovative and creative. I can implement solutions, procedures, policies, strategies, and if necessary, workarounds.

And I understand. I know you need someone that works independently but with transparency. I know you need someone that can take an idea and run with it. I know you need to see a solution implemented yesterday.

I’m not much of a “yes man” but I honestly believe I’m what you’ve been looking for.


I'm available via email, phone, or through Facebook
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